About Me

Hi, I’m Albert Kaufman, activist, networker, musician, GreenDemocrat, and resident of Portland, Oregon.  I send a monthly e-letter, The Eleven, which keeps people up to date on my life and helps me organize. Sign up if you’d like to get a copy.

I’ve worked on issues and projects in the Pacific Northwest for the past 14 years – previously in Seattle, WA. While living in Seattle I:

  • organized tree-planting projects which led to thousands of trees being planted
  • helped to lead a campaign with CCEJ to shut down a neighborhood medical waste incinerator (we won!)
  • led outreach for a neighborhood planning effort for the Beacon Hill neighborhood
  • created a neighborhood website (webmaster for many years) which brought neighbors together in a new way
  • led efforts to improve the lives of residents through airplane route changes and other issues surrounding livability issues in SE Seattle.

Since moving to Portland I have continued my work in the community:

  • served as neighborhood association president for the Beaumont-Wilshire neighborhood
  • organized a tree planting with Friends of Trees
  • write as a blogger for Blueoregon, an Oregon-wide left-wing blog
  • participant on issues such as the Colwood re-zoning issue, Lone Fir cemetery addition and on recycling and local food issues
  • I am also a frequent contributor to local and regional newspapers and blogs

I have spent about 6 years living and traveling abroad which has shaped my understanding of the world and provides me with a unique perspective on how we might improve our living spaces.  I am also committed to thinking and writing about population growth as I believe it is at the core of our current challenges with climate change, pollution, species loss, traffic congestion, suburban sprawl and decreasing resources such as water. Here’s a short video on the subject which I find a useful primer.

Next up for me is running this ideation company and combining forces with others to work on some of the ideas I am interested in spreading and to provide sustainable solutions to the challenges that face our world.  Whether it’s through depaving or creating an orchard in every neighborhood, my hope is that we’ll continue to get better at reducing, reusing and recycling to the point where we no longer rely on sources of energy beyond our local area.

I look forward to connecting with others who share some of my dream and who would like to combine forces to build a team to move these and other ideas forward.  Join me!

for now you can find out more about me via my profile on Facebook and my website @ http://albertkaufman.com – where my resumes live as well as many photos.

Sunset over the hills of the Black Rock Desert – August 2008


2 responses to “About Me

  1. how about multi-zoned forested use areas where indigenous communities can still gain access to the forests and thrive, but also tourism, agroforestry, CDM projects can also play a part?


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