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Sunflowers in Virginia

You may know that I do a sunflower project each year – saving the seeds from flowers I grow and sometimes getting them from friends (like Edie @ the Green Mountain Farm in Banks, or Syd in Banks).  The flowers that Lisa planted in Virginia are looking great this year and I just had to share!


New Email Marketing Options from Albertideation

Great news: I’m now an affiliate with these four top email marketing programs: Constant Contact, AWeber Email Marketing, Mad Mimi, and MailChimp – please see the right sidebar of my website for the links if you’re thinking of starting up a newsletter for yourself or your company.

I highly recommend getting an email newsletter going – it’s a great way to keep in touch with your clients/friends and a good, inexpensive way to share your thinking/ideas with the world. Please visit to find my affiliate links, thanks!

Slideshow on Facebook 7.12.12

I’m doing a talk as part of a Constant Contact presentation at the Hotel Monaco in downtown Portland, on Thursday, July 12th. Here’s the slideshow I’ve prepared. Enjoy!

Yum, Cranium Crunches – a review

So, for a little extra cash and because it sounded like a really fun assignment, I find myself reading about the founder of Cranium Crunches, Ruth Curran.  After I felt well-versed in where she’s going with this, I start checking out their various social media properties, listed below, because that’s where I tend to travel most. After a little feedback back to the company of some improvements they could make on same, I dive into a game. It’s this one, Match!

After playing just one round I find that my brain feels a little recharged. It’s funny, I’d just been writing recently that I want to be entertained less, and be more active in life, and this certainly feels like that result.

Next up I learn that one should practice brain fitness as much as possible and that they provide a new “everyday thing” that one can do on their fan page each week. Here is the most recent one I could find – part of the Find the Difference set of games. But this game is a little too difficult to me, and I’m also interested in a more active game to pick up my energy at 4:30pm.  I still have some more work to do after this on a couple projects!

Cranium Crunches: “It helps us feel as if we have a bit of control over what happens to our brains as we age.”  from an interview with Ruth Curran, Founder Cranium Crunches.

So, I try a scramble. Tough, but the way the game is designed, I’m looking forward to working on this one more.  It’s funny, in the next image I try to unscramble, my first thought is that I wish the picture were different – it’s a sky full of chem-trails.  And, I know some great photographers! So, perhaps there is an opportunity there.

More about the Games Page: “Brain games help fire pathways in the brain – keep the chemicals and electricity that nourish and fire the brain active and moving. There is so much research out there now to support the tangible benefits of playing a variety of games and working on a variety of skills. The unifying theme though is this: active brains not only age more slowly but injured brains can also heal, re-wire, and open new pathways through an activity.” from an interview with Ruth Curran, Founder Cranium Crunches.

So, now they’ve got my Sesame Street side – “One of These Things is not like The Other” – OK, I’ll bite!  4:48…  Wow, that’s a tough one – and, I’d recommend having your screen set for greatest brightness.  Again, I’m going to talk to the company about the photographs they’re using, but I live in paradise, so perhaps that’s part of my bias 🙂

So, if you’re looking to improve your brain, or help someone you know this might be worth your time. I was about to say – “someone you know who is experiencing brain issues” but then I realized that it’s never too early to start a program like this.  I’ll probably update this blog posting as I learn more about the games and try them out more. Until then, happy thinking!

Cranium Crunches on Facebook
A review by a professional writer!  

My current favorite game on the site. Memory Match

I wrote this blog post while participating in a campaign by on behalf Cranium Crunches and received payment for my participation. All opinions stated within are my own.  Albert

Kind Words About Me

Photo of the recent solar eclipse – photoshop by Larz

From one of my earliest Hebrew School teachers, Dan Aldouby, who wrote this for my birthday, May 11th:
“…It’s been quite a journey to this day, hasn’t it Albert? Who
would have thought, those many years ago, that one of my favorite
imps, would grow into a rational, sane, thinking, mensch. I’ve been
very happy following your trail, and am so happy that, at least, one
of my students turned out to be a minor earthshaker. What you have
accomplished, thus far, to help so many other human beings,
automatically allows you entrance to any of the heavens of your
choice. You may sit at God’s footstool, study Talmud with Moses, or
you can choose to find Jesus and ask him why he allowed all who
followed to twist his teachings, or—-if you are so inclined, you
can join allah and loll with all your virgins. However, you may also
wish to return to earth. This is poses a question –Assuming that
you are reincarnated as a different species, would you be content to
just plant your roots in one place and produce aromatic flowers?
“Tis a puzzlement. Hamlet put it very well, with his famous
soliloquy. Anyway, enough of this droning. May you live to be 120
with all dentition in place, no need for medications, and reasons to
smile and laugh every day.
Happy Birthday,