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Slideshow on Facebook 7.12.12

I’m doing a talk as part of a Constant Contact presentation at the Hotel Monaco in downtown Portland, on Thursday, July 12th. Here’s the slideshow I’ve prepared. Enjoy!


How to make parties go better for everyone

If you want to enjoy parties better; help your host(s) enjoy their parties more; and generally improve all functions you attend, here are some ideas.

When I entertain, I really like to have time to talk to people and enjoy myself. What helps me do that is guests who make themselves feel at home. They can do that by: looking first and asking questions second. The attitude I’d love people to have is that my house is their house (mi casa, su casa!) and that if they need anything they can search for it themselves before asking me. Here are some easy things that any guest has permission to find in my house (and perhaps yours): a corkscrew, the bathroom, a lighter, any kinds of dishes; handtowels; a blanket; etc. That’s the first step in lessening the burden/distraction level for the host – look for things yourself first and assume that your host would much rather be having a great conversation than answering your location question.

Second, come to the event early and ask if there is anything you can do to help set up. Better yet, come early and just start jumping in and doing the obvious. Does it look like the tables and chairs are set up for maximum flow? If not, move them so they are. Are the dishes done? If not, do them. Is there a last minute need that the host has – ask and then run out and get the order filled.

Are you shy? Are you nervous at parties? Well, getting there early and adding your sweat and energy into getting things in order will help make you feel more a part of things and your host will love you for it. Also, there’s an old marxist saying that if you put your labor into something it’s more yours. True here, too.

Some more things you can do to make the party flow better – act like the host. Feel free to play greeter and be close to the door. When people come you can welcome them, take their coats, and take any food or drink they’ve brought and bring it to where it needs to go. Imagine how much more ease you’ll create by doing this. How’s the music? How’s the lighting? How’s the ambiance? How’s the temperature? These are all things that the host may or may not be good at and/or might be too busy to mind. Feel free to adjust.

When more visitors start taking on the attitudes and actions outlined above, gatherings will surely go better. I’ve been taking on this attitude for years and I think it’s helped the hosts of events I’ve attended have a much better time. And when the host is having a good time it gives a signal to everyone that it’s time to have a good time.

Feel free to try this out over this holiday season and let me know how it goes. If you have any questions, please ask and if you have any further suggestions, leave a comment. Thanks!


Occupy Portland and Beyond

10/18/11 – Great Article by Chris Hedges – A Movement Too Big To Fail

There’s something going on around here“, quotes Paul Krugman of the NYT. There’s some great writing about this movement and some great activism going on right now.  I thought I’d share what I’m finding.  In no particular order:

9/23 – Video of Occupy WallStreet – well done photographically…

A list/map of all Occupy Groups in the world.  Livestream of the Occupy PDX happenings.

Blog post by Chris Hedges on the People’s Republic of Portland blog – a great read as is everything he writes, IMHO.

YES Magazine author Sarah Van Gelder’s Article: Where the 99% Get Their Power: “The protests are giving the unemployed, the uninsured, the evicted, indebted students, homeless veterans, and would-be retirees a place to break out of their isolation. OccupyWallStreet shows that millions share their hardships and are standing up. Transforming shame, self-doubt, and isolation into solidarity unleashes enormous power.”

Orion Magazine’s, Christopher Ketcham’s Reign of the 99 Percenters

A list of needs of the Occupy Portland folks.  I’m sure this list is still pretty current.  Food, Shelter, Clothing are generally always needed.

Popular saying: Dear 1%, We fell asleep for a while. We just woke up. Sincerely, the 99%

Great photos from NYC protests

The Nation – 

BRCPO 2011

Here we go again!   Black Rock City, Republic of Burning Man.  Countdown 1: two months to burn.  Countdown 2: one month to get the Post Office funded – we need your help!

Have you ever mailed yourself or someone you love a post card from the playa?  Well, The Black Rock City International Post Office Village @  9:00 Plaza needs you.  Your support enables us to transport, build & store our super funky & fun themecamp™ so you can send mail to people you love.  Inside our artistically crafted walls, participants are in for radical participation and fun from the Black Rock City community*, with gifts like bureaucratic performance pieces, postcard making, stickers, stamps and hilarious international shenanagrins.  All of those gifts, plus mail!, are spread over Black Rock City and the world each and every day through the PO.

The rewards for donating to this year’s amazing Post Office have all been generously donated.  100% of your donation goes directly to supporting our art.  To see photographs of the beautiful rewards, please visit–donating.html.  To see the PO camp, head over to
And better yet, to donate, please visit the Post Office Village site at Kickstarter, at

We hope you choose to support the PO ~ and send your love out from Burning Man, too.

See you at the burn!

*The Black Rock City International Post Office Village is home to:
– The BRC Post Office 2.Oh, Rites of Passage Post Cards,
– The Portrait Passage Post Card Making,
– The BRC Philately History Museum, and, of course,
– Ritual Delivery Services and Eu-ROP (Rites Of Passage.)

New Game Pieces have arrived

With help from Cheryl, Michael, Laurence and Pat, here is the first game piece!  More info and background @

Click on rabbitquarters for a pdf with 4 on a page! – print, copy, cut up, distribute – you are now a game ambassador!

Or, here we have a jpeg version



please print, copy and distribute - thanks!

please print, copy and distribute - thanks!


Here ya go, waffling on voting this election? Here are some good reasons to stop waffling and start looking for a stamp.


This Fall’s Elections are important, please don’t sit them out

We have elections coming up in November. Please make sure you are registered to vote. And, let’s talk about who’s running, and who deserves our vote. This would not be a great time for the US to have the Republicans running anything in Washington, DC. During the Bush years they sent us backwards and the damage they did was great. Let’s work to make sure that the Democrats retain power in Washington, DC. Help me with this, will you?