PDX Healthcare Directory

My Local PDX Healthcare Recommendations


Dahra Perkins, MD, Family Medicine provider with an holistic approach.  2050 NW Lovejoy Portland OR 97209  503-227-0350.  On most insurance panels.

Tao Shiatsu – the “hands-on” form of Oriental Medicine. Therapeutic and Rejuvenating deep body work. Office in SE, or in your home since you’re a friend of Albert’s – Spyder Carneol 608-516-2142 spyder@consciousfreedomnow.com

Bodywork that gets you moving, literally.
Felix Roth, LMT, tel:503-282-9119 http://motionmassage.com 1829 NE Alberta St. Suite 12, Portland, OR 97211

Acupuncture: Marc Gadoua L.Ac., Heaven-Earth-Acupuncture – 503-872-9861

Massage & Cranial Sacral, Delinda Free – Opening to Life – 407 NE 12th Ave, Suite 104 – delindafree@gmail.com – 503-754-0247

Roxanne Patruznick – Massage Therapist – 7 Star Acupuncture – 436 SE 12th Ave. – 310-980-4818

Acupuncture, massage, qi gong classes and Chinese herbal therapy in Sellwood, OR: Elie Cole: elie@nourishingmedicine.com , 503-860-8998

Brigitte Kranabitl – 971-570-9716 – Massage @ Amrita Yoga Studio in SW Portland

Dentist: Dr. John Holland – Hollywood District, Portland, Oregon 503-281-8568

Chiropractic: Dr. Bob Ratzow: 503-274-0144

Counselor (esp. couples): Gwenn Cody – 503-230-0518

Gynacologist: Susan Johnson, Johnson Center for Pelvic Health, 503-345-9339

Alexander Technique – restore your natural coordination and balance and learn to use yourself in a way that is natural, elegant, and efficient.
Lauri Elizabeth – http://www.thinkpoise.com  5215 SE Division St – 503-816-1443


Wileyware, by Marcia Wiley – glassware (drink in brilliance every day!)

Bright Earth Foods – Superfoods for Super Humanz!

GoStool: When you gotta go… make it easy!


5 responses to “PDX Healthcare Directory

  1. I personnally know that LOVE BUTTER is DELICIOUS……… and created by such lovelies…… I feel like the grandma of this stuff as I gifted those two with a batch of magic love at the OCF and about 2 days later they showed up with stars in their eyes… they had used the entire product…… thus I believe they began their own personal journey to the stars by making an even more delightful product and I believe they have done it….. Nature and Jim make the best Love Butter around…. and the next time you see them, have them sing you a little love butter dittie……

  2. Amira, thank you for your Love Butter love! Albert, we appreciate your abundant networking skills. Our Love Butter is crafted with the finest ingredients, meant to create joy and upliftment wherever you put it! Made with shea, cocoa and mango butters, jojoba oil and vit. E, it is safe for all body parts, even your mouth! Free shipping through the holidays!

  3. Hey, Richard Ludt is an awesome massage therapist too, Albie! You should check him out! http://www.spiritbodymassage.com/

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