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Humans and bunnies are by nature social beings.  Our society is continuing to evolve in ways that isolate us from one another. A recent barrier is mobile devices. As convenient and entertaining as they are – they also tend to divide us – especially in public places. I am creating this game to encourage socializing. The game helps us remember who we are and introduces us to other humans sharing the commons with us. The possibilities of where the game could take players is endless. When we are present and interacting with our surroundings we are open to life’s offerings. Please join me in both playing the game, downloading future game pieces, and creating your own. Thanks for playing and taking one step today to break down the isolation that’s building in our society.

This game should also increase our presence and availability to offers that are available around us

Here are some common ways one can “get points” in this game:

1. putting bike on bus
2. silencing cellphone
3. unplugging from music
4. talking to someone – INITIATING A CONVERSATION (start anyway you can, work towards deeper topics – “what inspires you lately” is a good one
5. group conversation
5.1 giving directions (transit, foot, bike, etc.) to a fellow passenger
6. group song – big points 🙂
7. playing an instrument
8. interacting with bus driver (if welcomed)
8.5 Thanking your bus driver on your way out the back exit (Michael Andersen)
9. giving up your seat for a disabled or elderly person, pregnant woman
10. giving someone your biz card
11. Offering a section of your newspaper, or a completed magazine, to a seatmate
12. Helping a fellow passenger deal with someone who is being difficult
13. Picking your bag off the seat besides you, or moving to the window, when the last empty row fills up in the bus

By taking a form of transit, or walking, taking your bicycle, you’re doing a lot to help – reducing ecological footprint, financially supporting transit system, reducing traffic congestion, possibly making a better health choice (walking/biking/skate-boarding)

Look for other players with these logos for people who like to connect.

Happy Year of the Rabbit!


Gamemaster: Albert Kaufman –

graphic design: Laurence Cook

graphic design: Laurence Cook







Game Piece #1 – with help from Cheryl Lohrmann

Print and play!

Please print this out, make copies and hand out the next time you ride transit

by Michael Cook

Design by Michael Cook - Please print this out, make copies and hand out the next time you ride transit


5 responses to “game

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  2. I’ve never been much of a game player, but people seem to love them. i.e. foursquare badges. Looks like a beautiful thing. ((hug))

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  5. Love it, there’s a group in London that’s made a game that is more tech-savvy, but also some similar components.

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