3.26.12 – AND.. we’re up and running! come visit us at!

An idea: create easy ways for homeowners to offer their yards to those who would like areas to farm/cultivate.  Eventually I hope to have a sign that can be downloaded from this site, and below please find some sample agreements that can be used as templates for the purpose of generating more local urban (and possibly suburban) agriculture = FOOD!

Here are some sample agreements which can be massaged by the homeowner and farmer to codify their agreement about how the land will be farmed. The first is legalistic and complete, the second simpler.

Sample Contract #1 between homeowner and famer
Sample Contract #2 by Portland’s Urban Farm Collective

Project Wishlist:

  1. Logo
  2. A simple sign design which could be downloaded by anyone to post on a person’s lawn (Spanish version, too)
  3. People to spread the word about this idea far and wide
  4. More simple agreements that homeowners/farmers can make use of.
And, here are some folks who are doing something similar in Portland, Oregon – Your Backyard Farmer



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