Ideation is taking an idea, a product, a cause and figuring out the best way to explain it to the world.  I enjoy coming up with new ideas and taking ideas that are in their infant stage, like Freecycle, and moving them out into the world to grow and prosper.  This is the work I want to do in the world.

An example of a successful ideation company is Brighthouse in Atlanta, GA.  They describe themselves as: “BrightHouse is a global consultancy espousing the central concept of an idea’s ability to improve public life through marketing, communications and design”

Joey Reiman, Thinking for a Living


2 responses to “Ideation

  1. Fantastic concept, for aiding the world in making it a better place for all.

    Best thoughts, Matt Thompson |

  2. Wow, can it really be as simple as that?”Moving ideas out into the world to grow and prosper.”
    Beautiful and inspiring.
    Now how did you make a wordpress without the wordpress in the address?

    cheers bro!

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