Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

“If you’re looking for someone to setup and manage your Social Media, Albert’s the guy. He’s enthusiastic, creative, and plugged in. He works well with clients, listening to what they want and incorporating his expertise to get them what they need. In the face-paced, ever-changing world of social media, he stays ahead of the curve, mindful of the latest trends and of what works well for the individuals he’s working with. As a web developer, I’ve referred clients to Albert to handle this important networking and marketing piece. In all cases those clients have raved. I’m confident you will, too.” April 28, 2012

Bill Scheider (client) Bill hired you as a Social Media Manager in 2010 and hired you more than once

“Albert, Thank you for such a great introduction to some basics around Facebook and Fan Pages! Sometimes we just need to get our feet a little wet in order to dig in and create something AMAZING!  I have wanted to create a Fan page since they came about and would just get confused and never begin. I know several of us felt more Empowered when we finished the class.  So THANKS for giving me some simple tools to take those first tiny steps and perhaps we can have another class once I get the basics going well!!”

Morgine Jurden, Animal Healer, March 9, 2011

Thank you so much for your clarifying responses to my questions about Friend/Fan Invitations.  I deeply respect your time and how busy you are.  Actually . . it really is occurring to me quite deeply in this moment . .  I’m distinctly present to the bigness and grace of your love, your contribution to me . . to the dance community . . to Portland . . quite literally you live at and contribute at the level of:  Planet.  Thank you for your beauty Albert!

In particular, it is truly awesome to see how well you orchestrate and interact with groups.  Each time I witness you doing so, I’m struck by the exquisiteness and . . it keeps occurring to me . . as the ‘grace’ with which you do so.

Peter Paul Rubens, Photographer, March 9, 2011

“Albert’s passion for creating community and helping people thrive is evident in all that he does. Whether it’s sitting one-on-one, networking like-minded folks, or creating events, Albert has a natural gift for helping people feel valued, seen, and supported. His generosity and care, as well as his knowledge and expertise, is a powerful combination that guarantees both connection and success.”

David Franklin, Men’s Embodiment Coach and Facilitator, August 3, 2010

“Albert Kaufman is a great man to help you organize and plan your life and your career. He is able to shine a light on your best assets. In working with Albert, his ability and strengths with technology and networking helps your business and ideas come to life either in you, your life , your business or your web site. Because he knows how to connect, he Connects and helps you get connected to people who can grow your business…. and you will have a fun time doing it….. Many blessings. Albert, thanks for all your coaching in my life and thanks for the music….

Amira Sue-Lin Simons, Therapist

“I love how enthusiastic Albert is, and how he endlessly works to bring others into the causes he is passionate about. I love his innovative mind. I love how he values community, and frequently brings large groups together to share food, music, and each others’ company. I appreciate his guitar and singing abilities, and again, how he shares them with us all. I appreciate the complexity and depth of both his mind and his heart, and how he chooses his actions based on the truths he finds in both.” March 11, 2010

Maren Souders, Owner @ Happy to Listen

“Albert is a creative and energetic team member. I wish I had time to follow up on all of his ideas. I know if I did my business would grow by leaps and bounds. He is a natural sales person for anything he believes in. I would work with him again in many different capacities.” May 30, 2008

Michele Brooks, Consultant, The Abundance Company

“Albert has an amazing natural ability in viral marketing. I observed Albert transform a small recycling project in Tucson, AZ with 1000 participants into a worldwide phenomenon with millions of people saving mountains of garbage from landfills.” December 29, 2007

Brian Lundquist, CEO, 7th Wave, Inc. and Nanotechnology Now

“One of Albert’s many stellar qualities is that he can develop and inspire a team like few others can. Albert has natural leadership abilities and he is an integral part of any team he is on. Be it a professional team or community involvement group, Albert will always rise to the challenge. It was a pleasure working with Albert.” June 13, 2007

Kelly Hedrick, HR Manager/Office Manager, PLS Consulting

“Albert is excellent QA Lead. He was making sure that software are very well QA’ed before they move over to another environment. He has great technical writer skills for Test Plan/Cases and so on. Team enjoyed working with him and developers learn lots from his QA’ed work.” July 18, 2008

Chetankumar Patel, Technical Lead/Architect, BPA

“Albert was clear on the project, open to suggestion and allowed for enough lead time to assure project success. He gave kind and helpful feedback, criticism and praise for jobs well done and initiative taken. I would hire him for a project lead or work for/with him on a project anytime.” September 9, 2008

Heidi Barthelemy, Quing Lickity Split, King of Fools, Fool’s Guild

“I worked with Albert as a fellow volunteer with a non-profit organization. Albert was in a leadership role. He is an adept communicator and I have always admired his ability to get people engaged, involved and energized. He possesses outstanding leadership and community building skills.” May 4, 2004

Jennifer N. Brown

“Albert is the rare person who is easily-approachable, substantially committed to the causes he cares about, visionary, inspiring, creative, generous in spirit and connected to many — not merely in a “networking” kind of way, but in a deeper, genuine sense.” December 3, 2008

Dennis Jaffe, Communications Coordinator, No On Measure 64

“Albert is a people person, a wonderful facilitator of process work, and a natural at team building. Moreover, he always shows up with a great attitude and a winning smile!” November 26, 2008

Bob McCulloch, Student, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology

“Albert was one of the earliest Freecycle volunteer moderators on the planet and has built one of the most successful local Freecycle groups on the planet in Portland. He’s been a big help organizationally all along the way. Would that we could clone him. :-)” November 21, 2008

Deron Beal, Executive Director, The Freecycle Network

“Albert is not just brilliant at coming up with great ideas, he actually gets stuff done! I have appreciated each time I have worked with Albert, and I do not think you could do better than to engage him on your project. You’ll be glad you did!” November 21, 2008

James Davis, Owner, Awakenings

“Albert has been an amazing peer, member of my team and supporter of my work. His own work is his testament. His commitment to success, creativity and community is way past the usual benchmark. I would highly recommend Albert.” November 20, 2008

Kaya Singer, President, Awakening Business Solutions

“Albert was a local spokesperson, advocate and leader with Population Connection in Seattle and Portland, OR. Always thoughtful and willing to help whenever and wherever needed. He regularly attended our annual conference and skillfully lobbied members of Congress and assisted with training other to do the same. He is intellectually curious, a great brain stormer of ideas and approaches for improving work and societal conditions and he just happens to be a very nice guy.” December 1, 2008

Jay Keller, Field Director, Population Connection/ZPG

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One response to “Recommendations

  1. I have known Albert from the sidelines for many years. I live over an hour from Portland, so I don’t have the opportunity of participating in many of his events, honoring the planet by not doing a lot of driving and coming to town only one day a week if possible. (I began giving up toxic chemicals in my food, in cleaning, my yard, on my body and animals, over 30 years ago. I still have to recycle everything myself with my car, since there is no recycling yet where I live! So I contribute in my own way.) Yet I have watched Albert be inspired again and again and actually GET THINGS DONE!! He helps create MIRACLES!! He is one of the few people I know, who does not just “talk about ideas”! He makes things happen!! He is a real role model and inspiration in my life that I can really make my weird dreams come true!! I know he inspires countless people. Just look at all the countless projects where he has inspired even hundreds of thousands of people to change their lives!! He is amazing!!

    I want to be honest here and say I do not always totally agree with him on everything. I believe I create my own reality and certain things do not always jive with my view on life. However, I have always remained impressed by Albert’s ability to put his visions into action, while mine often sit on the sideline …smile. I need his inspiring belief in himself and his tenacity!! I feel perhaps then I could go anywhere!! And I Celebrate Diversity!! I celebrate our many differing points of view!! That is why we were each created to be Unique and a one-of-a-kind Original!!

    I get way too many newsletters in my Inbox and have unsubscribed to most of them. Albert’s is one I continue to receive, because ….there is ALWAYS something of value in it for me. Something to inspire me, awaken me, guide me, remind me, and get me going again!! Our world would be so different without YOU in it!! Albert I LOVE having you as a friend in my life!! As they used to say in Star Trek I believe? May you live long and prosper!!!!!!

    Endless Love & Magic & Appreciation, Morgine

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