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Sunflowers in Virginia

You may know that I do a sunflower project each year – saving the seeds from flowers I grow and sometimes getting them from friends (like Edie @ the Green Mountain Farm in Banks, or Syd in Banks).  The flowers that Lisa planted in Virginia are looking great this year and I just had to share!


Sending Sunflower Seedy Goodness Out Into The Year

for many years I’ve been sending sunflower seeds into the world. this year’s crop was beautiful.  Here are some pictures of the heads – enjoy! Send me your address if you’d like some seeds!

Sunflowers are packed and ready for distribution

Ann Sherman and Susan Cerf get the sunflower of the year award for coming over and helping me pack 500 packs of sunflowers the other day.  Now, time to get them out to the neighborhood and beyond.  Sunflowers have been sent to Victoria, BC and Vancouver, BC – Canada, Virginia, PA, NY and lots of other places.  I’m so excited about this year’s seeds – they were drawn from nearby farms and if grown right, will be mammoth monsters! Send me your address if you’d like some seeds.

I thought I’d be adventurous and put some in the ground yesterday, ya’know, just to see if I can get some going early 🙂  While there planted some lettuce and cabbage I’ve grown from seed – thanks for the sun, yesterday!