I wrote this up as an attempt to bring some new Wileyware team members up to speed with our work to date mixing social networking and small business.  Enjoy!

  1. Social networking.  We’ve got a Wileyware twitter account
  2. Wileyware FB fan page If you could both check this out, and go to the tab “join my list” that will get you added to our e-list.  And, if you’re really feeling gung-ho, take a moment and “suggest to friends” as many of your friends as you’d like to invite to join the fan page.  Or, if you want to send people to just sign up for our e-list, that would be great, too.
  3. Constant Contact.  For now I’ve set up Marcia with a sub-list on my CC account.  She has about 400-500 contacts the last time I looked.  These are a mix of people: her friends, my friends, people who’ve bought in the past, people she’s met at shows, farmers’ markets, etc.  We’ve sent out a couple of emails to this group, and are due for another e-mail regarding her summer plans and the latest news from Wileyware World HQ.  
  4. Photoblog A place to share photos in another venue.  Underutilized right now, but open for improvement/attention
  5. Video: I had a friend create a short video/commercial which is up on the FB fan page, Youtube, and Vimeo.
  6. Wileyware Website: we have a list of updates/changes to the website that I know Marcia is tracking and which I hope are coming soon.
  7. FB ads: I placed one about 2 weeks ago and it ran for a couple weeks, many impressions and new fans
  8. Personal appeals: I’ve sent out notice of my work with Wileyware to many people via a Constant Contact email I send out monthly to 2,500 people
  9. Open House: we had a weekend long open house in Portland which led to a lot of exposure and buzz down here and I think we plan to do this again. Photos: Saturday, Sunday.  I think house parties are definitely a good way to go.  Intimate, personal, special.  Kind of like high-end tupperware parties.
  10. FB: posting Wileyware here and there.  Once you’re a fan of Wileyware (or a person) and you type @wileyware into your status bar on FB, that creates a link back to the fan page.  I’ve been looking around for a way to get us into wedding registries via FB, and the name is getting out there.
  11. Wedding Registries: my hope is that we can figure out how to get the products listed there, because that’s where they will sell and that’s a good place for them.

Here are the various links in one place.

Albert Kaufman
Sales & Marketing
Wileyware  <
Twitter: <
Facebook: <
photoblog: <
Join the Wileyware email list by clicking here: http://tinyurl.com/wileyware-e-list


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